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Risk Management is a term that has multiple applications. We consider risk management in a very broad context when dealing with comprehensive financial planning and wealth management. For instance, it deals with understanding the nature of risk, being able to determine the possibilities and probabilities associated with a particular risk, and finally assessing the financial consequences should the risk occur.

Furthermore, the management side requires an in-depth
knowledge of how to effectively deal with the risk(s).
These include:    1. Transference,     2. Avoidance,     3. Reduction, and    4. Retention.
We divide assets that fall within the study of risk management into three categories:
1. Those which produce and/or assist in the production of income
    (e.g., investments, professional equipment, etc.)
2. Those which provide for the necessary functions of living
    (e.g., shelter, clothing, transportation, etc.)
3. Those which enhance the quality of life
    (e.g., home ownership, vacation property, art, recreation equipment, etc.)
In analyzing your assets, we help you determine, in the event an asset is lost or destroyed, what financial impact that loss will have on you. Those assets whose loss would cost more than you are able or willing to pay must be insured. Then, we help you determine the most efficient way to insure against such losses. Finally, we help you implement the transferring of those risks to quality insurers via the most suitable policies.
Tax Deferred Products
The power of tax-deferral is dramatic. All things being equal, it is almost always preferable to defer taxes as long as possible because of the drain taxes create on the total net return on investments. Admittedly, all things aren’t always equal and thus annuities will not be appropriate in every situation. However, they do have some unique characteristics and benefits as a financial planning tool for wealth accumulation and asset protection.
We have access to some  […]
Asset Protection
True asset protection incorporates many aspects of a comprehensive financial plan and many of the products described on this web site. Depending on the size, complexity, and geographic location of your wealth, there are numerous strategies and vehicles available to assist you in protecting your wealth.
A key point to understand about asset protection is that no one instrument will do everything.  […]
Estate Planning
Estate Planning, in its simplest form, means planning for the disposition or distribution of your assets upon your death. A good estate plan has three
1. To make sure your wealth reaches    the individuals or organizations you    select in the manner that you choose.
2. To minimize the effect of federal or    state taxes on your estate.
3. To allow you to select who will handle various functions on  […]
Fee-Based Asset
We are proud to offer LPL Financial’s Strategic Asset Management (SAM) account. Through SAM, we can personalize your portfolio by choosing from among more than 10,000 no-load/load-waived mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
You will also have access to individual stocks and bonds. SAM provides you with the assurance of knowing your goal and our goal is the same: the long-term growth of your assets.  […]
Life Insurance
We have the ability to use a large number of financially strong, very diversified insurance companies to design and provide appropriate life insurance programs. There are many products used by our advisors to meet the broad life insurance needs of our clients. These include; Term life (with guaranteed premiums of up to 30 years), traditional Whole life, Universal life, Variable Universal life, Single Premium life, First to Die life policies, and Second to Die (or Survivorship) life policies. All of these type policies and  […]
Retirement Planning
Our job in this retirement planning arena is to help you match your needs and goals with the most suitable financial products and investments available. Given today’s dramatically longer life expectancies, combined with declining Social Security payouts and escalating health care costs, your planning is more complex than generations before you. Thus, as a beginning point to retirement planning, we help you make a realistic appraisal of your financial situation and then help  […]
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